A paradise for all lovers of nature

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Especially for children

Of course castles and forts are fun for children, but occasionally a trip during which they themselves can be active might even be more fun.

There is for example a small tree climbing track in Amélie-les-Bains and in Saint Jean Pla de la Corts an adventure park with more challenging tree climbing tracks can be found. The park in Saint Jean Pla de Corts also has a large lake, with even a floating inflatable, for activities in and on the water,.

 For children and parents.

Both parents and children will enjoy a ride in Le petit train jaune, a narrow-gauge train, which leaves from Villefranche de Conflent. The train climbs with a speed of 30 km per hour along steep slopes up to the end station at Font Romeu, the highest railway station in Europe.

In a period in which the climate is an important topic, a trip to Mont Louis must not be forgotten. Here you find a large solar furnace where is demonstrated how much energy and warmth of the sun produces for us. The focused sun's rays even easily melt a hole in a centimeter thick steel plate. Mont Louis is not only accessible by car. There is also a stop of Le petit train jaune.

Near the village of Tautavel the oldest man in Europe who lived there 450,000 years ago, is excavated. In the Musée de Préhistoire you and your children will discover the fascinating world of prehistoric man.


For children who like to special animals the region offers a small zoo, a 'safari' park where wild animals run free, a small park with 35 species of turtles, a butterfly garden and a small park with birds of prey, where daily demonstrations are presented. Close to the sea you can find an aquarium.


On this website, we can only give a limited overview of what  is to be seen and done in the area.
A comprehensive updated overview of all possible interesting excursions is always available at the reception of La Balma.